I believe there are patterns and rhythms throughout all our lives. My goal is to help you find your patterns, your unique colors and textures. Together we will set the stage so you can continue to build on your story. We only get one pass at life, it should be inspired. This is my journey, what is yours?

-Suzanne Trecco

Suzanne’s Background: Raised in Brazil, Suzanne’s foundation and obsession with patterns began. From Burle Max’s cobble stones of Ipanema to the fisherman’s fabrics in Bahia, Suzanne has been archiving textures.  After college and extensive world travel, Suzanne worked in the film and TV world. Set design was her lead in to interior design. Inspired by each client’s unique story, she has the ability to hone in on the rich patterns of your project. When not working, you will find her traveling and collecting experiences.

What We Do: We are a full-service design studio. We do commercial, residential, construction, renovations, sourcing or just a quick freshening up. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to conceptualizing a look for a franchise. We partner up with our industry leaders to accommodate the scoop of your project.  Creating Beautiful Spaces.